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PHD Thesis

A PhD Thesis is similar to a study report or a dissertation. However, the writing of a PhD Thesis requires a higher level of research. Each aspect thereof must be detailed to the core. For one to succeed in writing a good PhD Thesis, a high quality proposal is of essence. Once your supervisor approves it, you can now proceed to the writing of the PhD Thesis. Here, your first step will be drawing a research hypothesis or hypotheses. This will give your research a sense of direction. However it is important that you conduct a background study on the field of interest even before you think about the research hypothesis. This study will enable you gather all the necessary facts about your field of study and to project the challenges you expect to face.

Subsequently, the actual writing of the PhD thesis starts. Every scholar begins their thesis by writing Chapter One; the introduction. In this chapter, you are expected to give a justification of the topic you have chosen. It gives you a chance to convince anyone who will go through your work that your topic is relevant and adds value to the existing works that were done on the same field of knowledge by others before you. Here, it is prudent to give a brief review of these works and identify the gaps in research that you intend to fill.

The Second Chapter of a PhD thesis is the literature review. It is an explanation of the theoretical foundation of the subject matter of research. Studies by various scholars are discussed in this chapter. It is important that one chooses materials of high quality to write their literature review from. Recent books by renowned scholars and peer reviewed journals are the best sources of information.

The Third Chapter is a discussion of the research question.in this part of the PhD thesis, the researcher gives the ’the Statement of the Problem’, ’Creation of the Essential Question’, and Hypothesis and Predictions.

In Chapter Four, the methodology is discussed. It is an explanation of how the researcher will conduct the actual research. In this chapter the methods of data collection and analysis are explained and the justification thereof. The contents of this chapter differ from one PhD thesis to another because there are numerous methods of data collection and analysis depending on the type of research conducted.

Chapter Five is a discussion on the data collected. The results are analyzed and the researcher goes forth to give an interpretation of these results in Chapter Six. In this chapter, the limitations of the study are also discussed.

Chapter Seven gives a critical analysis of the study and discusses the areas in the subject matter that the researcher did not cover. It gives a call for research into these areas. In the chapter eight, the researcher gives a conclusion of their study. This is the final chapter of the study.

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